Who We Are

Dave Lincoln

Technical Experience - Why Big Oil Fears Dave 

Over the years, many people have asked me why I gave up a lucrative job in oil exploration to work for environmental organizations. I tell them as a Geologist I felt it was my role to make the earth a better place, not an inhospitable planet. Truthfully, the closer I got to CEOs in Big Oil the more disgusted I became.  
It wasn’t that I didn’t try to convince heads of some giant oil companies to act more responsibly and sustainably. I met with the leaders of Union Oil of Calif., Texaco/Chevron, Tenneco Oil, and even the infamous Ken Lay, CEO of the former Enron Oil and Gas. I advised them to be more sensitive to the politics and cultures of Third World countries. “Kenny Boy” in Enron told me if they didn’t like the way we conducted our business we would simply replace their politicians with opponents. I didn’t realize at the time that the same strategy was being applied to America and the developed world.
Decades later, when I tried to use my insights to inform policy in traditional environmental organizations I was told to focus on fundraising.  Even when I argued that methods mattered and the only way to win the battle with Big Oil was legally and ethically, I was rebuffed.
Now I’m tired of the status quo and business as usual while the planet heats up. It’s time to force politicians and agencies to do their jobs. Now is the time for environmental organizations to remember their roots and measure their successes by results not headlines.
We have a strategic plan that we know will work. It is the only plan for which Big Oil has no defense. Join us and we’ll show you how to win this game before it is GAME OVER.
Here is the link to our Earth Hub video http://youtu.be/AW3RtYhlq60 which we produced in 3 days with little support. Imagine what we can do in 30 days with your help.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

My father asked me to 'do something' about some unsettling insights he encountered about history he, himself, had witnessed. The request was made a few months before he died in 1991.

He wanted the truth told. After I understood, so did I.

Nothing about my life has ever been the same since.

Sometimes 'family history, has unexpected ramifications. Dad turned over to me piles or records, photographs, and a copy of the book Grandfather wrote in 1937, “Picturing Miracles of Plant and Animal Life,” published by J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia and London.

I started reading. Shock followed shock. Eventually, I began to realize just how long it has been the practice of corporations to target our air, land, and water for their profit, and how they accomplish their goals. I also learned how ruthless they are.

My grandfather's name was Arthur C. Pillsbury. You have probably never heard of him. The reason he disappeared from history is the work of the same people we are fighting today.

Grandfather made the first nature movie in 1909, beginning his life-long campaign to awaken in people, who might never encounter the glories of nature, the wonder and love these had awakened in him the first time he stood in a waist high profusion of wild flowers in 1895. It was a stunning sight, moving him emotionally and spiritually.

To quote Grandfather - "To see a flower blossoming, its life so like our own, awakens in us a love for the flower, its life so like our own, and the wish to preserve it." 

In 1912 he built the first lapse-time motion picture camera which could show us the living wonder of a flower blooming. They began calling him the Wild Flower man of Yosemite.

He wanted everyone to love nature, understand the wonders our world holds, and so join in preserving it forever. Like Muir, Grandfather was a preservationist, not a conservationist.

John Muir insisted my Grandfather's photos be used in the last book he wrote, “The Yosemite.” When the Sierra Club republished the book they took them out.

The site I put up to preserve Grandfather's legacy is: Arthur C. Pillsbury Home.

The first part of my life was spent as an activist on problems which in my direct experience I could see where harming people. People are being harmed by Big Oil and Melinda is determined to take action and get the truth out.

Helen Garland - CEO, Earth Society 
Site:  Earth Society Foundation

Helen is a life-long activist for Peace, Justice, and Care of the Earth. 

Dara Leigh Bloom  
 Attorney At Law/ Solo Practitioner, Houston, TX 

General civil practice included family law, employment law, consumer law/DTPA, personal injury, landlord/tenant, contract and appellate practice. Conducted full range of civil trial and appellate litigation: jury trials; all aspects of discovery including deposition; research; writing and argument for motions practice; appellate brief writing; pretrial negotiations and mediation. Certified Court appointed attorney ad litem in family district court.

  Focused practice primarily on family law with representation of low/mid-income battered women and abused children

  Successfully litigated complex child abuse/custody jury trial case in Ninth District Court of Appeals, subsequent Texas Supreme Court Petition for Review – denied

  Successfully mediated major federal court sexual harassment case against county appraisal district


South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX Doctor of Jurisprudence – May 1992

Garland R. Walker American Inn of Court Licensed State Bar of Texas 11/92

Student Achievement Award

Lindsey Haid Memorial Award for individual

leadership and promising legal ability

American Jurisprudence Award in Advanced Civil Litigation

And Profound thanks to Hart Williams for his masterful research and articles on the Kochs.  

Hart Williams - Journalist and Arch Enemy of Evil 
Site:  Hart Williams

Koch Truths is a project of Green Fields Renewal,  a cooperative effort bringing activists and experts from diverse disciplines together to find solutions to situations which have previously caused tremendous suffering and loss to communities and individuals. 

On Green Fields Renewal we are solving the problem using a step by step protocol which includes examining our own assumptions and accepting where we were mistaken or mislead by the multitude of disinformation campaigns carried out against us.  

Our consultants include experts in cutting edge technologies for building, toxic waste management, health, and infrastructure, among others. 
For Koch Truths are are using these protocols and the personal knowledge of our board members to deliver a wake up call.  No one should be immunized from their actions and the impact of these on others.  We believe each of us will be asked to deliver a report to The Big Guy on how we used the life he gave us.  It is late in the game for Charles and David, but this is a report for which they need to prepare themselves.  The lives of many depend on it and each will be counted in the final totaling.  

Rebuild America

As a Rebuild America organization, we work with others who are committed to changing the way business is used as a tool today, believing in the efficacy of cooperative action applied to markets. Economics is a human tool. We are human. We will use the power of markets to serve the best of human goals, caring for each other while respecting the autonomy of the individual.

Green Fields acts both as an advocate and as a source for solutions which identify and apply approaches which alleviate the problem faced by individuals and communities impacted by toxic waste and other problems.

Working with specialists we find solutions and coordinate with all parties to ensure the solution is honest, transparent, reasonable, and just.