Refugio Facts

The Loot-Linked Command Team

It simply amazes us to see how many lies are retailed through the newly reformulated relationship between governmental agencies and The Offending Oil Company.  During the  1969 Santa Barbara Spill Union Oil handled the clean-up (read this cover-up) and did its own PR.  This changed during the Gulf Spill when BP CEO developed a bad case of Foot-in-Mouth Disease.  Now, the Offending Oil Company handles the clean up and directs government, who does the PR for them.

Since when is the perp allowed to gather the evidence and decide what the jury of public opinion will have?  The entire mind set behind this is shockingly revealing.  But the American public are used to trusting the folks who lie to them by now.  And this has to change.

And look at this handily available link to  Refugio Incident Claims Process  

They can give you ten dollars for the sumglasses you dropped in the toxic goo you were helping clean up and sign off on the poisoning your helpfulness got you.  Now nice. 

Announcement!  It is not going to work.  Stay Tuned for Truth from Corporate Free America!