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You are hearing in the media and from friends that volunteers and hired clean-up workers who are on the beach and in immediate contact with the toxic spillage are safe because they have been issued Hazmat suits and goggles.  They have received these, and photos show this.  But those working on the beach will continue to be at risk until they are working without being able to smell the toxic waste, which enters the system through the nose and mouth as well.  

EcoAlert - The Time Has Come to Get Alert

Actions to be taken on the Refugio Spill

Get off the Beach! Step way, away from the Toxic Waste  - Read below and sign up so we can keep you informed on our efforts to get medical oversight and monitoring. 

Refugio Spill - If you can smell it, it could kill you. Read this and sign up now. 
               Prevent you from dying.
               Compile evidence for future legal action
               Stop this from happening AGAIN

EcoAlert is a project we realized was necessary as we dealt with victims from previous spills. Offending oil companies are using the same strategy today they have always used to evade accountability for destroying the health of those exposed to toxic waste. 
EcoAlert is designed to assist victims impacted by toxic events preserve their health and ensure their medical needs are met, as the harm done to each victim is documented.

If you were exposed to the smell of the toxic material released from the Refugio Spill you are in danger and need immediate monitoring and treatment.

Nearly all of the 10,000 clean-up workers from the Exxon Valdez Spill are now dead, dying at an average age of 52.

Victims of the Gulf Spill are now dying of diseases which are documented as outcomes of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene poisoning.

Victims from the Mayflower Spill are now experiencing organ failure.

If you begin noticing these early symptoms you may already be affected.

         Flu-like symptoms which persist and do not respond to the usual treatments.

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