Tar Sands Nation

Explaining the Tar Sands Business Plan, with just one (really very insignificant) real life interruption.  You will be excited and relieved to learn Charles and David introduced RECYCLING to their business model.  Of course, what they are recycling is Benzene, a
carcinogen and Toluene, a potent neurotoxin. 

                                 The Tar Sands Business Plan - Recycling Death

 Step One

Rex makes a cute baby, don't you think? 

Step Two

Step Three

Introducing our cute little Witches of Enbridge and their Familiars, meaning they supply Ideas for more devious additions to the Koch Method, Richard Fink (Rich Fink) and Eric O'Keefe.  Find more about these Koch stalwarts in our Koch Folk Section.

Step Four

Rex, Not in My Back Yard receives the Poison Charged Dilbit and sends it on its way, down the pipeline which was SUPPOSED to take it to Texas.  One small problem developed.  They are working on a solution after careful study of the Koch Method Manual.

Step Five

 Logan, the answer is GREED.  Thanks for helping us show how much it costs all of us.  God Bless you and your family and the town of Mayflower. 

Step Six

And who ever said Charles and David are not environmentally aware?  They keep those poisons recycling through the pipelines owned by their Tar Sands cronies, replacing only the relatively small amounts of poinson lost in such insignificant places as Lake Michigan, Kalamazoo, Mayflower, Arkansas.  These are not places Charles and Dave go anyway. 

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