Monday, March 31, 2014


Exxon, the master media manipulators, have hidden or obscured many of the basic facts about the nature of tar sands oil spills and their health risks by referring to them as “heavy oil.” It has now been ten months since the March 29, 2013 pipeline catastrophe in Mayflower, Arkansas, yet still many secrets remain. This series will pull back the curtain, look under the rug and even go into the sewers to shine a bright light on the indisputable scientific truth which remains buried by the oil industry and the government overseers tasked with protecting us. We will reveal and interpret the specific characteristics of the tar sands spills which the media has so far failed to uncover in order to answer some of the simplest questions which Exxon does not want us to ask and which they have flatly refused to answer. Finally, we will begin to answer these questions in surprising ways which will forever change the way we look at Alberta tar sands development.

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