Monday, March 31, 2014

John Fund - Political Operative in Media

John Fund- First worked for the Kochs via Ed Crane in 1979 to obtain the Libertarian nomination for Ed Clark.

He briefly wrote for the tabloids, including the Star. 

His career as a political operative in the media began after he was recommended by Evans and Novak for a job on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.  Various scandals in his life causes some rocky moments for him but it was the Murdoch purchase of the Wall Street Journal which ejected him from the job he had held for decades.  Evidently when they did the assessments no one told Murdoch what Fund's real function  was and they judged him only on his writing skills, firing him.  

Rocky Moments. Stealing Truth: The John Fund Back Story

Fund is now at American Spectator and an online columnist.

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